Sell your house or home fast, to avoid repossession

The threat of repossession

The threat of repossession is one that mortgage holders across the UK fear, where just one or two missed payments can result in you having to leave your home. When your mortgage or payment plan falls into arrears with missed payments, banks and moneylenders will often file for a possession order quickly, to ensure they don’t make large financial losses. 

After the possession order has been made, homeowners are summoned to court and a decision will be reached regarding your property. Often, the outcome is not favourable to the homeowner, and a repossession will begin to take place, meaning vacating your home as quickly as possible, or risk having bailiffs sent to remove you and your belongings.

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Solution: Sell My House Fast

Fortunately, if you manage to sell your property quickly, you can stop the process of repossession in its tracks and ensure a swift and calm procedure free from unexpected fees. The easiest way to achieve this is to utilise a service like Sell My House Fast that specialises in helping people to escape this sort of scenario. 

Sell My House Fast works closely with experienced legal teams that can put a stop to the threat of repossession on your home, and won’t charge you additional fees, so you can vacate your home voluntarily with plenty of cash compensation based on the true value of your property.

How it works

Speed buyers like Sell My House Fast will make an offer on any property in England or Wales, no matter its issues or complications They even promise make swift cash offers on properties plagued by Japanese Knotweed, structural issues, and even homes being repossessed in time to avoid repossession – exactly what we need!

Once you have submitted your home for review, their friendly team will be in contact within days of not hours. As soon as contracts are exchanged, they will cancel the repossession proceedings and then deduct any costs from the final figure, before sending the rest straight to your bank account, leaving you with peace of mind, and more control over a difficult situation. 

Alternatively: Debt Advice Helplines

The Debt Helpline

In case you need complex help in dealing with difficult debts, there are various useful charities offering unbiased advice over the phone. Try calling The Debt Helpline on 0333 212 8564 for help with any debt that you may have. This is not a freephone helpline however it is compatible with free minutes in case you have any unspent inclusive minutes on your phone’s plan. The Debt Helpline as a company is based at 29 Castle Avenue, Epson, KT17 2PL but service the whole of the UK via their telephone helpline service, and they specialise in helping people to avoid bankruptcy, reducing debt, writing off debt, and dealing with credit card debt issues. They also provide free debt counselling and credit information services, with the help of the government’s Money Advice Service – this is a government-funded initiative offering free and impartial advice to anyone in the UK struggling with debts. 

National Debt Line

The National Debt Line offers similar free advice via email, web chat or telephone – lines are open from 9am until 8pm weekdays – give them a call on freephone 0808 808 4000. This number is entirely free to call from any UK phone and will not eat into your free minutes allowance. The National Debt Line is a charity committed to helping all those in debt around the UK. They also offer a free budget tool on their website so you can work out your finances independently without needing to seek potentially expensive assistance.