Relief Housing


AppleGreen Homes are working with various universities to developan emergency disaster relief home, which can be sent anywhere in the world when needed such as Japan or Haiti.

Produced from one 20ft shipping container, which due to worldwide infrastruture for transportation already in place for the movement of containers, we feel it is the idea base structure for the homes.
The picture opposite is just an an idea we have taken from the internet.


We currently are working on a specification, but we have put together a general concept, which can be viewed by clicking on our logo below.

The basic idea, is for a flat pack roof, wall, floor system, to be stored inside the container during transport. Once arrived at its destination, the panel system would be removed and attached around the container, forming additional rooms, with the container becoming the central living, cooking area, as well as the strength of the build.

We have already sourced a waterless toilet system, by Ecosan of South Africa, ideal, as most emergency zones will not have access to sanitation, reducing the spread of disease.

While researching cooking facilities for our relief housing, we discovered the shocking news that according to the World Health organisation, the largest killer for children under the age of 5 is indoor air pollution, caused by cooking on open fires.