The Team

We have recognised the skill set needed to run a successful house building operation including the design of an efficient and buildable product, achieving a layout that acknowledges the constraints on site whilst maximise plotting density where possible, procuring materials and services competitively and then building efficiently and effectively without compromising health and safety. A highly skilled and experienced team has been assembled to work within AppleGreen.

AppleGreen Homes (‘AppleGreen’) was founded by Alan Wallace, Managing Director and majority shareholder, to develop an energy efficient, sustainable and affordable house that meets housing needs.

With a background in retail management, mainly with the co-op. Alan has continued with the values he learned within the co-op into AppleGreen.

Alan is passionate about providing affordable, low energy use homes to families. And has been successful in securing buy in to his concept, and his vision, from the seed funders who have helped get the business started, the supply chain that includes the Kingfisher Group and Trade Point and BRE who tirelessly promote his ideas.

Ian Thomson a CA and former MD of Taylor Wimpey in Scotland who for many years oversaw an operation that built in excess of 700 units pa with a turnover over £100m.

Ian was responsible for the all aspects of the housebuilding operation.

Robert Fletcher shareholder and ex MD with Saatchi who provides marketing and brand advice.

Mike Fenton ex J P Morgan and current investor and shareholder.

Stuart Barton a current investor and shareholder who has his own property business.