AppleGreen not only develop technology to make our homes more efficient, thus reducing energy cost, which will feed extra money into the community through increased disposable income, but also looking at technology to bring communities together.

Working with Edinburgh Napier University we will look at technology to improve the lives of elderly people not just living in AppleGreen homes but anywhere in the community.

AppleGreen continue to work with universities, BRE and others to develop our smarter construction methods.

Our build is a hybrid system, partially built in a factory for improved quality, reduced waste and reduced time. We then construct on-site which is much quicker than traditional builds, and we incorporate various energy creating and energy efficient products.

We believe this combination of future build technologies, creating energy with the solar panels and heat recovery, energy saving products will vastly reduce energy costs, helping to eradicate fuel poverty.

We will continue to invest in our R&D