Low Energy Costs

AppleGreen build bigger, better, warmer homes. Our homes are designed with the importance of “fabric first”, using triple glazed windows as well as better quality insulation. Making our homes much more energy efficient than traditional homes.

Using smarter, more modern methods of construction to ensure heat created within the home from cooking, showering, body heat, appliances etc is not allowed to escape. The heat is cleaned and recycled throughout the home, reducing the need for radiators to be switched on, see diagram below.

Reduced energy cost within our homes will increase your disposable income and help to eradicate fuel poverty, something that effects many millions of people in the UK.

Understanding Fuel Poverty

Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of heat arising from any process that would otherwise be lost in traditional built homes.

The heat energy is passed into the incoming fresh air effectively pre-heating it and meaning the boiler needs to add less heat.

The air continues to be heated by the occupants and equipment, and all this heat energy is not allowed to escape from our highly insulated homes, reducing fuel costs.