AppleGreen Homes

  • A hugely exciting investment opportunity with strong operating margins and excellent returns on capital employed.
  • EIS registered.
  • Unique product ready for market after 3 years of research and development.
  • Huge demand identified.
  • Ability to grow rapidly.
  • Significant time and money already invested in the business.
  • Dedicated and highly experienced senior team in place.
  • Strong local and national political contacts established.
  • Live sites in Manchester.

An exciting product has been created, clear demand has been established and a team assembled. In short all the building blocks are in place to achieve what we have set out in our business plans.

AppleGreen are now looking for investors who see the potential and want to be part of the journey.

Through the extensive interest generated in the product AppleGreen believes it is on the cusp of something special, helping to tackle the massive undersupply of houses.

The financial model around which the business would operate will generate significant profits and returns on investment and makes it a highly exciting investment opportunity.