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AppleGreen Homes are very pleased to announce the opening of the BRE Innovation Park @ Ravenscraig, Scotland as well as the opening of our affordable, energy efficent, sustainable Exhibition Home on Plot 1 at the Park.AppleGreen Homes have now secured Plot 4 on what will be the worlds largest innovation park in Beijing, China.£150m investment into the park by Vanke and the Chinese Government, AppleGreen Homes are now looking for partners to showcase the best in innovation and design. The Green Building Park in Beijing will be open to the public, allowing access to the 30m people who live in and around Beijing.Opening June 2014, our partners will have their product, service or technology showcased all year around, giving access to a construction industry worth over $1trn. Please email china@applegreenhomes for more details.

What We Do

Social Housing

Apple Green Homes are proud to work with some of the leading RSL’s in the country, developing low cost, energy efficient homes for the social housing market, which we can fully fund with our funding partners.

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Sustainable Communities

AppleGreen Homes with Glasgow Caledonian University and Spacesix Architects have developed our affordable, energy efficient sustainable homes. Bringing together products and technologies from around the world we have developed a product that will assist any community in achieving sustainable builds as well as ongoing sustainable living. We have interest from Brazil to New Zealand, China to America.

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AppleGreen Homes will build on Plot 4, on what will be the largest Green Build Innovation Park in the world in Beijing, China. We are currently looking for partners for this exciting project, allowing you to showcase and market your product into a growing, lucrative market, worth over $1trn.

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We don’t just build homes, we create communities.

An AppleGreen community considers the natural environment in its design and aims to reduce the input of energy, water and other resources, as well as minimising the generation of waste and other environmental disturbances. Working with leading universities and architects within the UK we have developed an affordable,energy efficient and sustainable build method. Using technologies from around the world will assist any community in achieving sustainable builds as well as ongoing sustainable living. We can not only supply the technology, build method and training but also a supply chain from some of the worlds leading companies, for products that will ensure the quality and performance of our homes and other buildings. The ability to work with more than one construction partner in each country combined with the ease and speed of build, enables us to work with governments to resolve the need for social housing and sustainable communities both quickly and efficiently.​ Applegreen Homes and its partners have not only experience in building homes but also other important community builds such as schools, clinics, shops, custodial facilities, as well as the methods to reduce energy costs, create energy, water reduction solutions in addition to waste and water recycling, all within the community.


As part of the ETP project, AppleGreen Homes are honoured to be working with 12 of the top universities in Scotland, assisting us with R&D for our affordable, energy efficient, sustainable homes.

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BRE Innovation Park

The latest BRE Innovation Park in Scotland was officially opened by Cabinet Minister Alex Neil on the 5th of September 2012. The AppleGreen House is now open on the park for viewing.

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Launching a range or electric cars that are accessible to everyone, Renault is committing to making motoring more simple, more comfortable, more technologically advanced, and more respectful to the environment

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Our Partners

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